Casey Hospital Intensive Care Unit opens

Casey Hospital’s new Intensive Care Unit is now open and admitting patients, marking a major milestone in the history of Casey Hospital.

Monash Health Chief Operating Officer Martin Keogh joined Dr Subhash Arora, Interim Director of ICU at Casey and Penny Woodward, Nurse Manager, to officially cut the ribbon at the new facility this morning.

Attendees of the ribbon-cutting heard about the many years of planning and construction, as well as recent challenges that came with commissioning the ICU as part of the COVID-19 pandemic response.

“This ICU will completely change the way Casey Hospital operates as a site, and the benefits will be felt across other sites as well,” Mr Keogh said.

“With a higher acuity of patients able to be treated here at Casey we’ll be able to keep more patients close to home, improve continuity-of-care, and enhance the patient experience.”

“Importantly, by reducing the need for transfers, which come with clinical challenges for very unwell patients, we will see improved outcomes for patients as well.”

Mr Keogh spoke of his own years in ICU nursing, and of his experiences with patients and their families.

“People in intensive care are often extremely anxious. It can be a very uncertain time for people and an ICU team often end up playing a profound role in their lives.”

The bright new 12-bed unit is now operational as part of the Casey Hospital Expansion Project, the $135m project which has delivered a state-of-the-art tower facility to the site. The facility features a number of innovative design elements to improve the patient experience, including large patient bays, natural light, and improved privacy with frosted windows able to be switched ‘on’ of ‘off.’

Dr Subhash Arora, Interim Director of ICU at Casey, said that the team had worked well through the changing timelines and challenges of COVID-19.

“It has been a very unusual time, to say the least, as our timelines have adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic, but along with Penny Woodward (Nurse Manager) and People and Culture we have brought together a tremendous team. We are excited to begin admitting patients and providing care in this remarkable new facility.”

Penny Woodward spoke of her own 18 years at Monash Health, and how her team has grown and come together.

“We’ve done countless training and simulation sessions, but now that we’re ready I’m sure that the first patient to come through our doors will be met by a very excited and determined group of nurses.”

Authorised by David Ballantyne, Executive Director of Capital and Infrastructure

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