National Volunteers Week – we miss you!

This week is National Volunteers Week, and while we are unable to celebrate the week as we normally would due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, it is an important time to recognise and honour the remarkable contribution our 400-plus volunteers and 75 consumer advisors make to  Monash Health.

Along with our volunteers, we would also like to acknowledge the contribution of the 200 volunteers from other organisations, who provide specialised services such as entertainment, pet therapy, family support, and services for our maternity, newborn, and cancer programs.

In a video message sent to all our volunteers, Chief Executive Andrew Stripp thanked our volunteers for their “time, effort, contribution, and support in the delivery of excellence to our patients and our community.”

Every day our volunteers assist in delivering the very best care and support during what can be the most challenging times in people’s lives. This might be providing direction to a lost patient or family member, sitting by a distressed or lonely patient’s bedside, or answering questions during a time of deep anxiety or confusion.

To our volunteers, we say thank you, we have sorely missed you over the past months, and we are looking forward to seeing you back at Monash Health when restrictions slowly ease.

All Pictures were taken of our volunteers in December 2019. 

Approved by Anjali Dhulia Thursday 14 May

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