PPE Training Update

To further support our patient-facing employees with the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) we will now be running daily face to face training sessions every hour from 9am – 4pm across five of our sites.  

If you have not completed your PPE training, please ensure you do as these sessions are compulsory for all ‘Patient Facing Employees’ across Monash Health. You need to complete both face to face training and LATTE training. 

All sessions will demonstrate the correct application and removal sequence for PPE and associated procedures such as hand hygiene. The sessions will not use actual stock as we need to preserve this for clinical care; however, physical simulation, support materials and tuition will be used to provide full guidance. 

Face to face PPE training will be available every hour from 9am – 4pm at the following locations: 

  • Clayton – Lecture Theatre 1 
  • Kingston- Education Building 
  • Moorabbin – Cafe Annex 
  • Casey – Monash Uni Hub 
  • Dandenong – Physiotherapy Room L2 West

For more information visit: https://coronavirus.monashhealth.org/protecting-yourself  

Authorised by Katrina Nankervis

Our infection prevention settings have been updated. Protect yourself and our patients by reviewing now.View updated guidelines