PPE applies to all MET call and Code Blue incidents

Changes to PPE requirements in relation to MET call and Code Blue have evolved as the landscape around COVID-19 has changed.

These requirements vary according to a range of factors, primarily on whether or not there is suspicion or confirmed COVID-19, and whether or not the MET or Code Blue is internal, or an external Code Blue.

To summarise:

  • All internal MET and Code Blues where there is no suspicion of COVID-19​ are managed with Tier 0 (surgical masks) plus, as per standard precautions, eye protection.
  • All internal MET and Code Blues where there is suspicion of or confirmed COVID-19 – and all external Code Blues – are managed in Tier 2 PPE.
  • The airway management for suspected and confirmed COVID-19 are in Tier 3.

Download a poster outlining the tiers and settings for each tier here.

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