Video celebrates Casey Hospital’s new ICU

Casey Hospital’s new Intensive Care Unit is now operational. Along with other new facilities, and added specialties, the new ICU will significantly change the way Casey Hospital cares for patients and the community. 

Under normal circumstances, such a milestone would have been celebrated with a large, shared event bringing together teams from across Monash Health. Obviously, this is not possible at the moment, so this short video will give employees from across Monash Health an insight into the opening, the excitement of clinical teams, and the new facilities themselves.

Casey ICU Ward Opening, 18 May 2020

Watch the opening of the new Intensive Care Unit at Casey Hospital.

Casey now joins Monash Medical Centre, Dandenong Hospital, and Monash Children’s Hospital as featuring a fully-equipped Intensive Care Unit. The teams at Clayton and Dandenong would like to pass on their congratulations to the teams at Casey worked to open the new facility. 

Approved by Martin Keogh, Chief Operating Officer

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