Physical distancing remains crucial

While the government has announced in recent weeks the easing of a number of restrictions in relation to COVID-19, it is vital that we are all aware of those restrictions that are still in place. 

As we knowthis virus is mostly spread though close contact and coughing – and that is why physical distancing plays such a vital role in decreasing transmission. 

To protect ourselves, our colleagues and our patients, we need to continue to practice physical distancing.  

Specificallyplease ensure that only the number of people that a room can hold with physical distancing in place, gather in that room at any one time. 

In addition, an entire team or department should not meet in person because we’d hate to lose a whole team because one person is later found to be COVID-19 positive. 

Restrict face-to-face meetings wherever possible and ensure that the handover room has a minimal number of people in it at one time. Please remain vigilant; without you we can’t do our job. 

Approved by Associate Professor Rhonda Stuart, Medical Director Infection Prevention

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