Temporary resuscitation bays open at Monash Medical Centre

The temporary resuscitation bays built in front of Monash Medical Centre have begun admitting patients.

The innovative demountable units, featuring six fully-equipped resus bays, were constructed to boost capacity and prepare for a potential surge in COVID-19 patients.

They opened this morning due to ongoing construction work in the emergency department that has impacted resuscitation capacity inside the main building.

“This creative solution has come at the perfect time for us,” said Dr Rachel Rosler, Director of Monash Medical Centre’s Emergency Department.

“The redevelopment project continues to progress well. Current works have impacted our normal resuscitation bays, which we expected and planned for. Thankfully the temporary demountable units are a great alternative and provide us with a welcome boost in terms of space and facilities.”

The two-level space has six negative pressure resuscitation bays, medication room, clean and dirty utility, and employee spaces.

“I am extremely proud of the way teams across Monash Medical Centre have worked together to adapt to COVID-19 preparations while keeping the redevelopment project running,” said Jo Morey, Director of Clinical Operations at Monash Medical Centre.

“We’ve come together to ensure capacity is where it’s needed, and that the crucial construction work can continue. We believe we’re well positioned to safely manage high-risk patients in these temporary bays.”

The ribbon is cut at the new temporary resuscitation unit.

Approved by David Ballantyne, Executive Director of Capital and Infrastructure

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