COVID-19 haematology research features on 7.30

Research exploring whether plasma collected from people who have recovered from COVID-19 can help improve patient outcomes, recovery and survival, featured on the ABC’s 7.30 program this week, after filming at Monash Medical Centre.   

The hope is other recovered patients will take part in the studies by donating their convalescent plasma.  

Monash Health haematologist, Associate Professor Zoe McQuilten, who is leading the trial at Monash University, is investigating the possibility that these plasma donations will help our ICU and other patients battling COVID-19.  The theory is the antibodies in the plasma of those who have recovered, will help fight off the infection.  

Plasma is being collected by The Red Cross Lifeblood and will be distributed to hospitals across Australia participating in two national trials – one for ICU patients and one for hospitalised patients.  

Zoe told 7.30, used of convalescent plasma is a method which has been trialled in cases of other viral infections, such as influenza and SARS, with mixed results, but they are hoping to demonstrate the value in the case of COVID-19.  

If we show that convalescent plasma is effective for COVID-19, that strengthens the rationale for using it in future viral infections, future viral pandemics,” Zoe said. 

Hear Zoe speak about her research in the 7.30 story, which also looks at other COVID-19 research projects.   

You can watch it here:

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