COVID-19 employee survey – thank you for your feedback

Clear communication and visible executive leadership during the COVID-19 crisis have been strongly acknowledged in the recent employee survey.

Over 4,000 people – nearly a quarter of us – provided valuable feedback as part of the COVID-19 employee survey conducted over recent weeks. This is a terrific response, given the demands on peoples’ time.

Of the 4,216 employees who completed the survey, 77 % indicated that in the past week, they felt very or moderately positive about Monash Health as a workplace. And the breakdown by site and profession suggests this is mostly consistent across the organisation.

Here’s what you told us:

  • Communication about COVID-19 has been clear and timely (Nearly 450 comments about communication, made it the number one topic of the free text comments) – 88 % strongly or moderately agree
  • Measures are in place to provide for a safe work environment – 84 % strongly or moderately agree
  • I am confident to respond to the COVID-19 specific related demands on my own work – 86 % strongly or moderately agree
  • My manager checks in with me about how I am doing – 69 % strongly or moderately agree
  • I believe feedback I have given relating to current work practices is heard – 63 % strongly or moderately agree
  • I have been provided with suitable tools to enable changes in work practices (e.g. working from home, WebEx, PPE) – 76 % strongly or moderately agree
  • Support is available to meet my emotional and psychological needs – 77 % strongly or moderately agree
  • Support is available to help me manage my day-to-day work demands – 72 % strongly or moderately agree
  • My efforts are being acknowledged – 65 % strongly or moderately agree

Additional comments indicated people were positive about:

  • executive communication and visibility, particularly with through Webex forums
  • the coronavirus website
  • the incredible work of the Infection Prevention team, led by Rhonda Stuart
  • people felt supported in terms of their wellbeing, but the work demands are challenging.

These top-level results are positive, but they don’t mean we’ve got everything right. The reason we conducted the quick sentiment check was to find out if there were areas of concern or ways we could improve, given how quickly we’ve had to respond to the threat of this pandemic.

More than 1,600 individual comments were provided, and these have been analysed based on theme and sentiment, with safety, work practices, and PPE raised frequently.

The issues most commonly raised include:

  • Confusion and difference between executive and local messaging
  • Concern about a lack of socially distanced spaces to have meal breaks
  • Concern about social distancing complacency in the workplace
  • Seeking to gain clarity for patient entry and transfer processes between wards and areas
  • Requests for fit testing of N95 masks
  • Requests for working from home to be an ongoing arrangement
  • Some areas getting pushback from managers about working from home.

Senior leadership team members will now delve a little deeper into the results to see where improvements can be made, and how your concerns can be addressed.

As a result of your feedback the Health Incident Command Team will look at some options, which will be released shortly.

An overview of the results is available here: Employee Survey results 2020


Approved by Karen Lowe

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