New Birth Suites and Fetal Surveillance Unit at Monash Medical Centre

Works are underway to upgrade and expand Monash Medical Centre’s Birth Suites and add facilities for a highly-specialised Perinatal Centre to care for unborn babies.

The project will add two brand-new birth suites to Monash Medical Centre, boosting capacity and providing a more versatile facility for midwives and doctors to provide care.

As well as new birth suites, a state-of-the-art Perinatal Centre will be installed on Level 5 of Monash Medical Centre, in space previously used as the Sleep Centre.

This  Centre of Excellence in Maternal and Fetal Medicine will feature additional ultrasound rooms and new equipment to more effectively monitor high-risk pregnancies, including space dedicated for emergency presentations.

General Manager of Monash Women’s, Andrea Rindt, said the project is a welcome development for the team.

“We care for some of Victoria’s most complex pregnancies, including significant cardiac issues for mother or baby, and this Perinatal Centre will elevate the way we monitor these women and their babies,” Andrea said.

“Our world-leading models of care have evolved to meet the needs of women and babies during the COVID-19 pandemic, and we’re excited for new facilities that will allow us to deliver the very latest in high-risk pregnancy care to ensure the healthiest possible start to life, even at this challenging time.”

Approved by David Ballantyne, Executive Director of Capital and Infrastructure,  21 July 2020

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