Safety Reminder – always use aseptic technique

Now more than ever we need to consider using techniques and procedures that not only protect you but others around you.

To assist our teams in safety protocols, our educators are visiting key clinical areas to support our teams in deciding when to use sterile or non-sterile examination gloves during clinical procedures.

This is essential standard practice, and particularly important at this time as we have been informed that there are limited supplies of sterile examination gloves across Australia. It is anticipated that it will take a number of weeks to replenish stock. This will not critically impact clinical operations as long as we observe the correct hand hygiene methods and apply aseptic technique.

In the first instance, we are asking all our clinical employees to stop, identify, assess, clean and protect when considering between the use of sterile or standard examination gloves.

Sterile glove use should only apply where key parts and key sites cannot be protected e.g. CVAD insertion and IDC insertion.

Please use standard examination gloves wherever it is safe and appropriate to do so as there is a replenishable supply of these items. Refrain or limit the use of sterile examination gloves, unless appropriate for the level of care you are providing, until we can confirm we are able to replenish stock.

If a contamination occurs at any point, take appropriate steps to re-established asepsis prior to continuing any procedure.

For further information refer to the ‘Aseptic Technique Procedure’ available on PROMPT.

Approved by Katrina Nankervis, Executive Director Residential Care & Support Services/Chief Nursing & Midwifery Officer – 24 July 2020

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