DonateLife Week – sign up to be an organ donor today

Organ and tissue donation make a real difference to the lives of hundreds of Australians each year. DonateLife week focuses on registration as an organ donor, but also having the conversation with family and friends.  

Due to COVID-19, organ donation and transplantation has slowed down. It is important now, more than ever, to have the conversation about organ donation with your loved ones. 90% of families agree to organ donation when their family member is a registered donor. This falls to 60% if they are not on the register. This is often due to family members being unsure of their loved one’s wishes. If you would like to donate your organs, it is important to register your decision and tell your family about your wishes. There are several ways you can register your decision: 

  • Through Medicare on your myGov account 
  • Use the Express Plus Medicare mobile app 

In Australia, there are more than 1600 people on the waitlist for a life-saving transplant. In 2019, 1444 people received a life-changing transplant thanks to the generosity of 548 deceased organ donors and their families. You can find out more on the DonateLife website. 

At Monash Health we have a dedicated team who work to ensure educational and operational aspects of donation are supported across the organisation. This week is also an opportunity for the donation team to remember those who have given the life-changing gift of organ and tissue donation. To find out more about the Monash Health DonateLife team and their work, you can visit their intranet page. 

Approved by Anjali Dhulia, Chief Medical Officer 

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