Additional shared workspaces

We want to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all our employees and appreciate the importance of access to workspaces while working on-site. In order to continue to facilitate appropriate safety protocols, we are creating and allocating additional shared workspaces across Monash Health.

These are now available at Clayton, Dandenong and Casey, and in the coming weeks, workspaces will also be made available at Kingston and Moorabbin. Library areas are also encouraged for quiet work activities across our sites.

The details for flexible workspaces and room capacity of additional spaces at Clayton, Dandenong and Casey are as follows, and we will monitor the use of these spaces to inform ongoing decisions.

Clayton: Additional shared workspaces

Shared workspaceDesks/Computers
Level 3 Conference Room6
Level 4 Conference Room8
Ward 42 (Star)5
Seminar Room 611
Level 4 Seminar Room24
Lecture Theatre 214


Dandenong: Additional shared workspaces

Shared workspaceDesks/Computers
Healthwise Gym16
Seminar Room 19
West 2 Gym16
Seminar Room 46
Ante Nat (Level 1)10


Casey: Additional shared workspaces

Shared workspaceDesks/Computers
Site Admin13

Dedicated computers have been provided for each of the additional work stations and will be disabled if removed from these areas. To ensure a safe and successful check-in to these areas, the additional shared workspaces are now available for selection on our online check-in form.

To protect yourself and others, please ensure you scrupulously follow the recently updated protocols for check-in and use of our shared spaces. If you are entering a shared space, such as a shared workspace or meeting room, always follow these simple steps:

  1. Check room capacity and desk availability and do not enter if you will exceed maximum capacity.
  2. On entry, perform hand hygiene. In clinical areas, remove and clean your face shield and either hang it up or carry it with you.
  3. Scan the QR Code provided on the poster using your smartphone or visit to complete your shared space check-in.
  4. Maintain physical distancing.
  5. A mask or face covering must be worn while working on-site.
  6. Clean your workstation and/or equipment before and after use.
  7. Complete hand hygiene when leaving.

For more information, signage, and resources please visit the shared spaces page.

It’s critical that room capacity is not exceeded, and that personal etiquette and hand hygiene are observed. We also remind you not to hold in-person meetings with your entire team, do not share equipment, and do not share food. These are basic techniques, but they remain as important as ever to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Approved by David Ballantyne, Executive Director, Capital and Infrastructure

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