Changes to the use of disposable face shields

Monash Health has reviewed its practice of disposable shields. In line with DHHS guidance, disposable shields and goggles must be used once only and discarded.  

Shields and goggles are to be treated like a mask, discarded when taking a break, or when visibly soiled and should not be reapplied. 

This means that the cleaning of face shields is no longer required.  

Used face shields should be disposed of in general waste bins unless they are removed when doffing Tier 2 or 3 PPE, in which case they should be disposed of in clinical waste bins. 

Face shields offer an additional layer of protection by covering your eyes, nose and mouth as well as helping to prevent you from touching your face. Goggles are not required to be worn in addition to a face shield as the face shield offers the eye protection required. 

Donning & Doffing Single Use Face Shields poster

Approved by Rhonda Stuart

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