Tips for exercising within your 5km work radius

Now that restrictions have been eased to allow permitted workers to exercise within 5km of the workplace, we’ve put together our top tips for getting the most out of that little bit of extra moving room:

  • Find out where the 5km zone is by entering your work location here
  • Ensure you are wearing a mask (or have one on you if you are running or bike riding)
  • Carry your Monash Health ID with you as evidence of your work location
  • Stay safe by mapping out beforehand where you plan on exercising, as these areas may be unfamiliar to you. Local council websites are a great place to start.
  • Be mindful of your surroundings – wear something visible to cars, bike riders and pedestrians, keep your eyes on the road ahead, and try not to play your music or podcast so loud that you aren’t aware of what’s around you.
  • Let someone know what you’re planning on doing and when you’ll be done before you set off, especially if you’re exercising alone.
  • Exercise with a workmate. You can be joined by people from one other household, up to a total of five people (including you), as long as it’s within 5km of their workplace or home too. If you’re exercising with someone else, maintain 1.5m between you and do not hug, kiss or shake hands.
  • Remember, you must limit your exercise to twice a day and for no more than two hours in total.

With the longer days ahead of us, this is the perfect time to explore somewhere ‘new’!

Approved by Karen Lowe, 28 September 2020

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