Chief Executive COVID-19 Update: 29 September

Message from the Chief Executive

As of today, we have:

  • Five COVID-19 positive inpatients
  • Three employees with COVID-19
  • 10 employees in precautionary quarantine

On Sunday, Premier Daniel Andrews announced changed restrictions under the second step of the roadmap to reopening.

Our Health Service Incident Command Team has been liaising with DHHS and considering what the trigger points will be for making adjustments to our model of care and PPE requirements. You’ll hear more about this in the next couple of weeks.

Planning is underway to resume elective surgery. From this week, we will progressively increase elective activity, from approximately 45% to 75% of capacity, while maintaining current COVID-19 processes and precautions. From there, we will move to 85% during the third step of the roadmap to reopening.

Today, we moved further towards COVID normal as we increased access for visitors in line with Government directions. Our updated visitation rules allow one visitor per day for adults and two visitors for children in most situations. However, as we care for people with a wide range of needs, rules vary by area. Please familiarise yourself with our updated visitation guidance here.

As always, protecting you, our patients, and the community remains our priority. Please stay vigilant, follow standard precautions, use appropriate PPE, and don’t let falling case numbers lure you into a sense of complacency. The threat of COVID-19 has not passed.

Thank you, as always, for all that you do.

Andrew Stripp

Chief Executive


Key Messages

Updated visitor restrictions

Visitor restrictions have been updated so that we can continue to provide patients with the opportunity to receive visits from loved ones, while protecting all patients, healthcare workers and the community. You can view our updated visitation guidance here.

 Car parking refund update
If you have been working at home during COVID-19, a reminder that you will be able to apply for a reimbursement of car parking deductions made for this period, under certain conditions. Learn more here.

Don’t scroll and stroll

There have been a number of near miss incidents where employees have put themselves and others in danger by looking at their phones and walking while completing the Attestation Form at Monash Health sites.

Complete your Attestation Form before arriving at work or before leaving your car. Open the form on your phone before your start walking and hold it ready to show the green tick and date stamp upon entry. Stay alert to hazards in your path of travel at all times. Keep your attention focused on walking safely around vehicles, patients, visitors and your colleagues who may be transporting patients and equipment.

 2020 Monash Health Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology & Neurophysiology Science Research & Innovation Conference 

An audience of close to 300 tuned into the 8th Annual Monash Health Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology and Neurophysiology Science Research & Innovation conference, which was held as a virtual event for the first time on Thursday 17 September.

Attendees were treated to a display of outstanding presentations and research posters, detailing the enthusiastic research and study being undertaken by acute, sub-acute and community-based practitioners at Monash Health. These highlighted the critical work of allied health practice in optimising and enhancing patient and client care at Monash Health. Learn more here.

Trial of dementia-specific sensory garden at Chestnut Gardens 

Monash Health’s Chestnut Gardens Residential Aged Care facility is the focus of a new study that aims to look at the effects of a dementia-specific garden on the falls and agitation levels of care recipients living with dementia.

We will be one of the first healthcare organisations in Australia to run a trial of this nature. The trial is particularly important, as the World Health Organisation classes dementia as one of the major causes of disability and dependency among older people worldwide. Learn more here.

Tips for exercising within your 5km work radius 

Now that restrictions have been eased to allow permitted workers to exercise within 5km of their workplace, we’ve put together our top tips for getting the most out of that little bit of extra moving room. Read the tips here.

Quick response provides community support

Our Community Outreach and Refugee Health and Wellbeing teams have worked together to provide a quick response to the recent outbreak in the Casey and Dandenong areas. Read more about how these teams have ensured that the community has access to the information, welfare and testing support they need.

Complete the Employee Workplace Declaration form today

All employees are required to complete the Employee Workplace Declaration form, even if Monash Health is your only employer.

It is an important safety initiative from the Public Health Commander, and the Department of Health and Human Services requires 100% completion.

If you are one of the 20% of employees yet to complete the form, please take five minutes to do so now.

Continue to take advantage of wellbeing resources

Take advantage of the health and wellbeing resources we have available for you, including the Call a Psychologist service and the employee assistance program. Don’t forget the basics of your physical health and remember we have links to resources online for you and your teams, including a helpful guide to stretching at your desk, wherever that desk might be.

Ensure you are working to the most up-to-date advice

The information about COVID-19 is changing rapidly. Ensure you are working to the most up-to-date advice by referring to the Monash Health Employee Coronavirus website. To make accessing the site quicker, you can create a shortcut on your smartphone by following these instructions.


Upcoming events 

Medical Grand Round, 12.30pm Wednesday 30 September

Clinical Conundrums: “Bile and Beyond”

Read more

Manager Briefing, 2pm Wednesday 30 September

An update on the latest information available for managers.

Read more

Employee Forum, 2pm Thursday 1 October

Join our Employee Forum for an opportunity to discuss Monash Health’s COVID-19 response.

Read more

Stay up to date with events on our COVID-19 website for Monash Health employees:

Watch previous recordings of Employee Forums and Manager Briefings

All managers are requested to share these updates with their teams and discuss at stand-ups and handovers. Please print a copy and display it in communication books and on employee noticeboards.

As advice and information evolve, please consult the latest updates and visit the Department of Health and Human Services and Monash Health COVID-19 website for employees regularly for the latest.

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