Model of Care Update

Victoria is seeing a reduction in new daily cases of COVID-19, and a corresponding reduction in active cases in the community. As a result, we have seen fewer COVID-19 positive screening tests returned, and a reduction in COVID-19 admissions to our hospitals.

While we continue to observe a high number of suspected COVID-19 patients admitted through our Admission wards, only 1% of suspected COVID-19 patients have returned a positive result.

In response to a decline in actual COVID-19 cases, planning is now underway to update aspects of our Model of Care.

In the coming weeks, we will refine our Model of Care to ensure our precious workforce resources are best placed to meet demand requirements without compromising safety, operational process or patient outcomes. As always, the principles to maintain the safety of our employees, patients, and community will remain at the core of every decision.

The proposed changes will affect Monash Health bed-based sites. Plans are being developed in consultation with our clinical leaders (Nurse Managers and Unit Heads) and the Infection Prevention team within each ward to define patient accommodation, workforce configuration/requirements, equipment needs and PPE coach/advisor and concierge resourcing.

Over the coming weeks, we will be publishing regular updates, but here is an overview of the changes you can expect to see in the first phase of establishing a ‘COVID normal’ Model of Care.

  Status Details
Admission / Management Wards Updated Cease Admission Wards, suspected COVID-19 patients admitted to home ward.

Medical and Surgical COVID-19 Management wards for confirmed COVID-19 positive cases at each site

ED and ICU wards No change
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) No change Maintain current PPE practices as per MH policy
PPE Coach / Advisor / Concierge Updated Individualised resourcing dependent on suspected COVID-19 admission demand
MET Call / Code Blue No change Follow procedures in the updated flowcharts published on 29 September
Pre-operative screening No change Maintain current pre-operative screening

Approved by Martin Keogh, Chief Operating Officer

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