EMR Best Practice Adoption Program 

The Digital Health Training and Adoption and EMR Nursing and Midwifery informatics teams are delighted to introduce the EMR Nursing and Midwifery Best Practice Program, which commenced this month to support all nurses and midwives in using the approved EMR workflows. This 6-month recurring program will guide you through a variety of targeted approved EMR workflows and provide an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have about using the EMR. 

Each month the EMR Best Practice Program will cover different themes and will provide  

  1. A Best Practice Webinar Series that you can book into via Latte to receive the webinar link 
  1. A Best Practice Passport  to guide and record your self-directed learning 

Monash Health Nursing and Midwifery EMR Best Practice Program completion 

All nurses and midwives who submit a completed and signed passport for each month of the 6-month program will receive a completion certificate for this program. More details will follow on how to submit completed passports and on further plans to recognise and celebrate the completion of the Best Practice Program by our employees.   

The EMR Best Practice Program will become the introductory level in the development of future Super Users and Champions for the EMR Program. 

October is Medication Administration Workflows Month 

The Best Practice Medication Passport can be downloaded as an e-document or printed here on the emrmonashhealth.org webpage. 

Links to all the required self-directed learnings and information are listed on the passports and can be ticked off as you complete them. 

Best Practice Webinar Series sessions for October  

  • If you haven’t already attended the webinars, please book in via Latte to receive the webinar link, which will be sent to your Monash Health email account 
  • The Best Practice Webinar Series will be presented on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursday at 2.00 – 3.00 pm until the end of October 
  • The webinars are in-service style presentations scheduled during double staffing time to accommodate attendance by our nurses and midwives 
  • Different workflows will be presented each day 
  • Tuesdays – Medication administration, double checking, student validation, isolation precautions 
  • Wednesday – Medication tablet, Printed MAR, Downtime, MAR/MAW, medication supply request 
  • Thursdays – IV Fluid administration and FBC documentation 

Comprehensive EMR Best Practice Medication Administration workflow webinars have already been undertaken by: 

  • Nursing and Midwifery Education and Strategy team members 
  • Nursing and Midwifery Informatics Champions 

Nursing and Midwifery Managers have attended an EMR Best Practice Medication Administration workflow Overview forum.  

Approved by Denise Owen – Director, Digital Health Training and Adoption

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