Let’s Drop the Jargon…for health’s sake! 

Better understanding comes from no jargon, no acronyms, just clear plain communication. Drop the Jargon Day on 20 October provides the opportunity to take the pledge to drop the jargon at work. 

Monash Health recognises the importance of clear communication and plain language in improving health literacy. Drop the Jargon Day is an initiative that brings attention to the language we use that is often not understood by our consumers. It is a day for everyone in healthcare to be aware of using plain language.   

So, how can we begin to drop the jargon when speaking with our consumers? 

  • Use plain language in all communication  
  • Do not use acronyms 
  • Explain medical or technical terminology in clear, plain language 
  • Check in with the consumer that they have understood the information – using Teach-back. 

Communicating in plain language helps our consumers to understand the information provided, which leads to better health outcomes. So on Tuesday, 20 October make the pledge to drop the jargon on the Drop the Jargon website. Talk to your colleagues about taking the pledge to show that Monash Health understands the importance of improving communication with our consumers. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, with everchanging information, everyone must have access to accurate health and wellbeing information, that is easy to understand, regardless of what language they speak. We’ve seen just how important Dropping the Jargon is during the pandemic.  

Approved by Anjali Dhulia

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