Thank Your Cleaner Day 2020 

Thank Your Cleaner Day, 21 October, is a great opportunity to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of all our cleaners. This year, the work our cleaners undertake is more important than ever. They have played a vital role in stopping the spread of COVID-19 and keeping the community safe.  

At Monash Health, our General Services team provides a wide range of specialist teams including: 

  • clinical cleaning 
  • non-clinical cleaning 
  • waste services 
  • linen services 
  • washroom services 
  • pest control. 

The team have implemented new cleaning techniques and products, adapting their practices to meet the requirements of COVID-19. They have continued to take additional measures such as desk cleaning, further cleaning of eating spaces and maintained a strong and vigilant focus on high touch point cleaning. There is no doubt that the work they do is an essential part of our COVID-19 response.  

Meet Kathleen Williams, Monash Health Environmental services Assistant 

One person who has experienced the changes required to keep our facilities clean during COVID-19 is Kathleen Williams. Kathleen is an Environmental Services Assistant and has been at Monash Health for over 13 years. Before COVID-19, Kathleen was responsible for cleaning a range of areas, including the gym, offices, clinical areas, kitchens, bathrooms and on-call rooms.  

During the pandemic, Kathleen has worked as a ‘floater’, rapidly moving to areas where she is most needed. This can be challenging at times because she doesn’t know where she might be cleaning. But she doesn’t let this stop her, tackling each new day with enthusiasm!  

“Kathleen takes great pride in her work and is very flexible. She has a can-do attitude and is always willing to help out where she can. And she does all of this while wearing a bright smile!” says Leanne Ross, Support Services Manager at Monash Medical Centre and Monash Children’s Hospital.  

Kathleen has seen how working through a pandemic has strengthened teamwork and how everyone is connecting and checking in with each other. “People are more honest about their feelings, positive or negative, which has brought the team closer together,” she says.  

During the past few months, she has found new tasks to keep herself occupied and relax at home. She has been working on her garden; planning, weeding and planting new flowers, which have bloomed beautifully! She has also enlisted the help of her son to work on her front yard and to create a courtyard for their home. When not tackling the garden, Kathleen also likes to unwind by doing craft such as cross stitch and quilting.  

If you see Kathleen around, be sure to give her a big smile and wave and say ‘thanks’! 

Thank you to every one of our cleaning services team for the vital work they do, every day. Their dedication to such a valuable service ensures we can keep our employees, patients and wider community safe.  

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