Clayton gym to reopen to employees with reduced membership fees 

Get ready to lose those COVID kilos; the Clayton Healthwise Fitness centre will once again open for use from 23 November.  With only five weeks until Christmas, now is the perfect time to get back on track with your exercise routines. All existing members have already been notified in writing of the reopening, but if any other employees are looking to tone up the opportunity to do so is just days away. 

We understand, that as front line workers you have worked incredibly hard during this challenging period, and the impact on your mental and physical wellbeing is significant. Now could be a good opportunity to take some time out to recharge at your workplace gym.  

Following a survey of current membersa large number indicated they were eagerly awaiting the facility to reopen in line with State Government restrictions. 

Director Talent Management Michael Holman said the Clayton gym will do so in two stages, after many gym members had been asking when it would reopen. They can now be reassured the doors will once again been unlocked and remains so for the foreseeable future. 

That decision was made as part of an overall review of the future for all gym operations Monash Health runs.  

Mr Holman said a decision was made to begin with gym only (no classes) under the COVID-19 restrictions issued by Fitness Australia, with a reduced cost $12.00 per week Summer Gym Only membership rate applicable.  

Stage 2 will be subject to COVID-19 restrictions and take effect as from 1 February 2021,” he saidIt will involve the introduction of classes back into the gym and reinstatement of fees to $14.95 per week. 

Staff can be fully assured that State Government regulations regarding COVID-19 practices will be in place at the Clayton Healthwise Fitness centre. These may change as of Sunday (22 November), if the Premier makes any new announces regarding gym usage, however, at the moment: 

  • Gym staff need to wear masks at all times; 
  • Low impact activities (Pilates, stretching and light weights) will require masks to be worn; and 
  • Higher intensity activities (running, heaving weights) do norequire a mask to be worn. 

Monash Health is currently investigating other health, fitness and wellbeing opportunities for the Kingston and Dandenong sites, which had to be changed due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Approved by Michael Holman. 

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