STAR Award winners congratulated 

At yesterday’s employee forum, we announced four recipients of this quarter’s STAR Awards. Chief Executive Andrew Stripp interviewed the winners of four categories:  

  • Improving care and access – Julie White 
  • Excellence in occupational health, safety and wellbeing – Aviary Ward 
  • Excellent experiences – Jamie St Mart 
  • In pursuit of excellence – Alexandra Malanina 

Don’t forget to join us at next Thursday’s employee forum where we will be announcing more STAR Award winners. If you know someone who deserves to be acknowledged, you can now nominate them for our Quarter 4 STAR Awards through the STAR portal.  

Read more about our winners and their amazing achievements below.  

Excellence in Occupational Health, Safety and Wellbeing – Aviary Ward, Monash Children’s Hospital 

Aviary Ward is 20-bed unit which specialises in adolescent medicine, paediatric neurology and paediatric rehabilitation. The ward has a culture of transparency and openness, and work to minimise harm and promote wellness in their work. Led by Nurse Manager Emma Goodes, the team’s can-do attitude and commitment is reflected in the excellent care they provide to their patients. 

COVID-19 has significantly impacted young adolescents. This has led to an increase in presentations and admissions, often with changing and challenging behaviours. In response, the team has adopted many different strategies which aim to reduce self-harm in young adolescents. This has included tools which use cartoons and toys to help their young patients.  

The team has worked to reduce the risk of occupational violence and aggression through a strong reporting culture, safety plans and open communication. This has resulted in reduced self-harm in patients and a safe environment for employees.  

Well done to Aviary Ward for continually working to maintain a safe environment for employees, patients and their families.  

Excellent Experiences – Jamie St Mart 

When Nurse Unit Manager, Jamie St Mart, was faced with new and unexpected circumstances, he went above and beyond to show kindness and compassion to a patient and their family. A recent patient of T4 at Casey Hospital became palliative and was discharged home so she could be with her family during her last weeks.  

Not long after her passing, her husband was admitted to the same ward. Due to his condition and his admission, he was unable to attend his wife’s funeral. Jamie and the team considered ways they could support the patient during this time, including livestreaming the funeral and arranging for a family member to be with him to support him through it. Jamie took care of everything. From troubleshooting with IT, to arranging for the patient’s adult children to visit in line with restrictions, so they could all grieve together and provide support to their father, Jamie went above and beyond.  

It is always uplifting to see colleagues who are striving for excellence in their work. Jamie’s compassion and determination to support the patient is an example ofthe culture of kindness and positivity on T4. 

Improving Care and Access – Julie White 

Over the last six months Julie has saved lives, prevented harm and improved infection prevention and controls at Residential Aged Care Facilities and Supported Residential Services in the Monash Health catchment. She has progressed a COVID-19 Community Assessment and Response Team (CART) model of care which delivers a support response for people at risk of hospitalisation, while also progressing a substantial workplan, including the Redesigning Community Access initiative and developing the next generation CART model of care.  

Prior to the RACF work, Julie also stood up and led the Casey Fields COVID-19 Screening Clinic, at very short notice. Julie has now turned her focus to the COVID+ pathways work. Julie’s work ethic and commitment to excellence and the health and wellbeing of our patients, clients and employees is to be greatly admired. She has played an important role in keeping our community save during this time. 

In Pursuit of Excellence – Alexandra Malanina 

Alexandra Malanina is a volunteer at Chestnut Gardens, one of Monash Health’s aged care facilities. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Alexandra was unable to attend the facility in person. When she realised this, she reached out and asked how she could help during this time. She showed a willingness to volunteer virtually, something that was new to her, and did so with great success! She coordinated video conferencing which allowed her to resume some of her work, including joining in the weekly activity group. She was also able to play her piano for care recipients virtually and even mailed out painting activities to them.   

She has shown great kindness and stayed connected to Chestnut Gardens in a time where we were physically apart. Alexandra spoke of her experience, saying:  

“In the last few weeks, I have been able to connect with some of the residents via video calls. It is so great to reconnect with the residents and see how they are going. I am so glad that even through unique challenges, there is room for creativity to be able to reconnect with others.”  

Well done to Alexandra for her commitment to her work and for being a source of joy for care recipients during this time.  

Approved by Karen Lowe

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