PPE requirements have changed 

The PPE Expert Advisory Committee has reviewed the PPE policy, and the following changes have been approved for implementation by the Health Service Incident Command Team.  

These changes will further align Monash Health policy with DHHS guidelines and will come into effect immediately: 

  • Tier 1 PPE now is the use of a surgical mask only. Face shield/goggles are no longer required to be worn.  Tier 1 PPE applies in low-risk areas where patients are NOT suspected or confirmed to have COVID and are not in quarantine.  

Also a reminder about the Tier 2 and 3 requirements that were published in the CE update on 27 October 

  •  Tier 2 PPE is the use of droplet and contact precautions. Tier 2 PPE applies to routine care of individual patients who have been swabbed for COVID 19 and awaiting a test result, where there are symptoms that could be consistent with COVID but no epidemiological risk factors. This group of patients is now termed as SCOVID (low risk). 
  • Tier 3 PPE is aerosol and contact precautions. Tier 3 PPE applies to  
  • the care of confirmed COVID 19 patients. 
  • Patients who are swabbed for COVID 19 and awaiting a test result and have the Epidemiology and demonstrated symptoms consistent with COVID disease. This group is now termed SCOVID (probable).  
  • It also applies when performing aerosol-generating procedures on SCOVID (low risk) patients or if these patients exhibit aerosol-generating behaviours (such as yelling, screaming etc.).   

While these guidelines provide a framework to guide practice, it is important to note that the level of PPE used is a clinical decision. Clinicians are encouraged to assess the level of risk for every patient on a case-by-case basis and use PPE appropriate to the risk. 

For further details, access the Conventional use of PPE poster here. 

Approved by Dr Anjali Dhulia

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