Test Tracker launched at second COVID-19 testing site 

The successful launch of Test Tracker at our Casey Fields COVID-19 testing site in late November paved the way for the technology to be introduced at a second site. 

Our Pakenham drive-through testing site, at IYU Recreation Reserve, went live with Test Tracker on 4 December. 

We are introducing Test Tracker, in partnership with the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) to support the state’s response to potential COVID-19 outbreaks and deliver more efficient contact tracing. 

We will continue to evaluate how Test Tracker is working at both Casey Fields and Pakenham, and are working towards rolling it out at additional sites shortly. 

For more information about how Test Tracker works and the way we’re rolling it out, click here. 

If you’re a clinician using Test Tracker and need more information, click here. 

Approved by Emilio Pozo  

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