Tap On Tap Off (TOTO) delayed login – Updated 4pm, Friday 11 December

Updated Friday 11 December at 4pm

We are aware of an issue occurring with Tap On Tap Off (TOTO), with employees seeing a black screen when tapping on.

As part of the issue management plan, changes were made overnight to the TOTO environment that have significantly reduced the time that the TOTO black screen is displayed prior to the desktop loading.

In addition, a three-step plan has been developed that will result in reducing the initial TOTO desktop display time and this will be carried out over the coming weeks.

As per yesterday’s advice, we would like to remind you:

Please do not switch off the computer, the black screen will last for 15-30 seconds before the desktop loads.

  • Your subsequent tap on actions should load as usual.
  • This issue affects only TOTO login timing and Monash Health applications and the EMR are functioning, so please continue to use them.

Thank you for your understanding – we will provide a further update on Wednesday 16 December 2020.

If you have further issues or queries, please log a ticket via Central or contact IT Service Desk on 9594 7255 (Option 1).

Published Thursday 10 December at 4pm

An issue that is causing delayed login time on Tap On Tap Off (TOTO) devices has resulted in an ongoing Code Yellow at our sites. The Digital Health team are working to resolve this issue and appreciate the challenges you are experiencing and want to share further information about the cause and the next steps.

Firstly, it is vital that when tapping on if you see a black screen please do not switch off the computer. The current experience is that the black screen appears for 15 to 60 seconds before the desktop loads. Following this, your subsequent tap on actions will operate as expected.

Also, although TOTO has slowed, it is essential to continue to use secure Monash Health applications and the EMR as only the logon time is affected.

The underlying issue is the increased and fluctuating demand on our system as our employees change work patterns from remote and onsite locations. Of note is the increased load with the use of the H Drive across the organisation and in some cases a problem relating to the black screen when logging on which is not normal.

To resolve the login delay issue, we are moving the H Drive to a new storage device. The new storage must be tested to ensure it provides a safe, secure, and permanent solution and this will take time. We also continue to investigate the issues relating to the black screen.

We plan to have identified the best way forward today and will provide further information soon.

In the meantime, we have implemented a management plan that we believe will assist the situation.

We apologise for the frustration the delay is causing and are working as rapidly as we can without compromising the security and safety of our systems and data.

If you have ongoing issues or further questions, please log a call via Central or contact IT Service Desk on 9594 7255 (Option 1).

Approved by Louise Kanis, Executive Director Public Affairs and Communication

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