Thank you to all 1680 of our long-serving employees 

This year, we celebrated over 1,680 employees who, together, have dedicated more than 23,900 years of service to Monash Health through the 2020 Length of Service Awards. While the Awards looked a little different this year, due to COVID-19 restrictions, we were pleased to be able to acknowledge the dedication of our employees and volunteers.  

The ceremonies, which were conducted virtually, included videos recapping our history and showcasing some of our longest-serving, live interviews with our volunteers and employees, and interactive polls that provided a chance to virtually engage with the audience. We heard many stories about the changes at Monash Health, and had a laugh about some funny situations our recipients found themselves in over the years! We also were able to share some memories that were posted in the Length of Service Facebook group 

During the ceremony, we posed some questions to our recipients and asked them to share their memories and wisdom. Here are some of their answers: 

What Monash Health moment lives in your memory? 

  • Meeting some beautiful colleagues and making lifelong friends. 
  • When I was much younger, doing night duty and having a ball with colleagues who are still friends today! 
  • One evening in operating theatre, four different surgical and anaesthetic teams worked simultaneously on one trauma patient. I knew then what an amazing, professional, skilled team I worked with and how fortunate I am to be a part of that team.  
  • The day the emergency sign was installed upside down out the front of Casey Hospital! 
  • Riding an exercise bike in a tutu in the foyer Monash Medical Centre, next to Luke Darcy, as part of a fundraising event.  
  • When visiting patients on the ward, I unexpectedly ran into an old friend from my childhood, from almost 70 years ago. What a great moment! 
  • Every patient and relative who has said thank you.  

You’ve travelled back in time to your first day at Monash Health: what would you tell yourself on that day? 

  • Take your time, be patient and ask for help.  
  • Don’t worry, you don’t get the IV the first time! 
  • You will enjoy being a volunteer! 
  • No two days will be the same.  
  • You will probably never know all the services at Monash Health and how far they spread across our community. Take time to appreciate all the paths you come across, it will lead to opportunities beyond your expectations! 
  • Don’t be overwhelmed – there is support at every turn! 
  • Take a breath, you will achieve things you never dreamed possible! 
  • The first day is going to be tough but so worth the awesome experience you’ll get over many years, the opportunity to assist so many and see the changes that can be achieved. The rewards you get will be amazing.  
  • Your future starts now, take it all in and make the most of all opportunities.  
  • Be brave. 

What do you still want to achieve at Monash Health? 

  • To further expand our Supportive Care research program, in order to deliver optimal, best-practice care to our patients.  
  • I’m hoping to work at the new Heart Hospital! 
  • Create innovative resources that will outlive me. 
  • I wish to continue volunteering and connecting with patients at Casey Hospital.  
  • I’d love to mentor a few more young people and leave behind some wisdom, such as it is! I’d also love to be mentored by them on all things digital.  
  • It is a very long list! 
  • Stay for another 30 years! 

The ceremonies were an opportunity to celebrate some of the people who are an example of the excellence, compassion and kindness we aim to provide to every patient, their family and the community. Congratulations to everyone who was acknowledged for their dedicated service during the 2020 Length of Service Awards! 

Stay tuned for some more from our longest-serving people in their own words.  

Approved by David Bloxham


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