Healthier choices coming to Zouki retail outlets

Things will start to look a little different at our Zouki retail outlets over the coming months as Monash Health, Nutrition Australia and Zouki Retail Group work together to roll out the ‘Healthy Choices Guidelines’.

The introductions of these guidelines ensures we can all make quick, easy and informed choices about eating healthy.

What are the guidelines?

The Victorian Government has developed guidelines to help make sure healthy foods and drinks are promoted in hospitals, health services, sport and recreation centres, parks and workplaces.

Working with Nutrition Australia, Zouki has classified more than 2,000 of their products and training all employees on the guidelines and best practice. Once completed Zouki retail outlets will be providing Monash Health employees and visitors with:

Fifty percent ‘green’ foods, which are the healthiest choice and usually a good source of important nutrients, lower in saturated fat, added sugar and/or salt and higher in fibre.

Less than 20% ‘red’ foods which are not essential and if consumed too often, or in large amounts, can lead to chronic diseases.

What can I expect to see change?

Some food and drinks will no longer be advertised or promoted around Zouki retail outlets. In coming months, you will see a red, amber or green label on all food and drinks sold within the outlet. This does not mean that your favourite drink or food will no longer be available, instead it will provide you with healthier options and clearer information to help you make an informed decision.

What has been done so far?

Almost all Zouki Retail Group employees at Monash Health campuses have now completed training delivered by Nutrition Australia on how to implement the Healthy Choices guidelines. Changes to our drink fridges and point of sale are currently underway and expected to be complete early in the new year.

Stay tuned for more updates on iNews and at your campuses Zouki outlet, as we roll out this exciting change.

Approved by David Ballantyne 


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