Welcoming back our volunteers

Every day our volunteers help us by supporting the delivery of the very best care for our community. 2020 has been a challenging year made even harder without our 400-plus dedicated volunteers on site each day throughout the COVID-19 restrictions.

We are pleased to confirm our volunteers have now started making a slow and phased return to our health service, with the hope they can all be back in 2021.

Last week they returned to Monash Children’s Hospital, helping wrap Christmas gifts, and reopen the Hoyts cinema.

At the recent length of service awards, we heard firsthand from some of our long serving volunteers about their experience volunteering and what keeps them here, including 20 years of service recipient, Chris Phillips.

“This place keeps me grounded. When I leave here on Saturday afternoon driving back to Phillip Island, where I live, if I feel I had things on my mind on my way up that I might have been feeling anxious or sad about, by the time I finish here and drive home I think ‘how lucky am I?’. Lucky in  a sense that I have spent time with people who are nearing the end of their lives and I still have some living to do.”.

Watch the full video of Chris’s story here:

Our volunteers are essential to Monash Health, they provide the calm, guiding voice at a time of great stress, they make coffee, they show people how to navigate our hallways, they provide emotional support and so much more. As you slowly start to see them back at Monash Health we encourage you to say hi, thank them and welcome them back.

Approved by Jason Goh 

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