Major changes at MMC ED, main entrance and vehicle access

From Wednesday, 24 March, there will be significant changes to Monash Medical Centre’s emergency department, vehicle access, and main entry. While the changes are temporary, running until early 2022, they will have a major impact on how vehicle and pedestrians move in and around Monash Medical Centre.

Emergency department services will relocate into the newly-constructed ‘Northside’ emergency space on 24 March. The existing emergency department and some nearby areas will then be closed and cordoned off as a construction zone, allowing for significant refurbishments and upgrades.

The main entry to Monash Medical Centre will be closed off, so a temporary entry will be installed and open alongside the P-Block corridor adjacent to the existing main entry.

“Importantly, there will be new internal access points to the emergency department from 24 March,” said David Ballantyne, Executive Director of Capital and Infrastructure.

“The main internal access will be adjacent to the existing Monash Children’s Hospital access corridor on level 2. This will impact how teams from diagnostic imaging, MonashHeart, neurology, obstetrics, and other departments access the emergency department and move around the site,” David said.

“The project team have been discussing these changes with unit Managers, and plans are in place to assist with wayfinding under the new temporary configuration.”

Work has been done to ensure Code Blue and MET Call teams are aware of the change and understand the new main internal access point.

A map of the new emergency department location and access points

“We recognise this is a major change and that it will require patience and understanding from our employees, visitors, and patients,” said David Ballantyne, Executive Director of Capital and Infrastructure.

“These temporary changes are crucial and will allow the next stages of the emergency department redevelopment and traffic improvement project. Once this project is complete, we will have a much larger and more contemporary emergency department as well as a much-improved main entry and vehicle access,” David said.

“It will be disruptive, and we’re thankful for how clinical teams have worked so hard to adjust and work around a project that, ultimately, will deliver a much-improved emergency department.”


Approved by Martin Keogh, Chief Operating Officer, and David Ballantyne, Executive Director of Capital and Infrastructure

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