Check out our new and improved accreditation checklists

To help you get accreditation-ready, we’ve updated and improved our Accreditation checklists.

Accreditation checklists are available for Doctors, Clinicians, Non-clinical employees and Managers. Many of the actions in the checklists should be undertaken every day and will ensure we continue to deliver safe, timely, effective and person-centred care.

You can find the new and improved versions on the employee resources page of our Accreditation website. Download, print them out, discuss them with your teams, put them on your employee noticeboards and tick them off as you go.

Remember, embed the ‘small’ things in your everyday work to ensure we continue to deliver the best outcomes for our community, now and into the future.

For all the latest information, resources and tools you need to get Accreditation-ready, be sure to visit our employee accreditation website.


Approved by Prof. Carlos Scheinkestel, Executive Director Quality, Safety and Risk

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