World Social Work Day

World Social Work Day is on 16 March and looks to promote the work of social workers across the world. This year’s theme is Ubuntu: I am Because We are – Strengthening Social Solidarity and Global Connectedness.

Ubuntu, ‘I am because we are’, is a word, concept and philosophy that resonates with the social work perspective of interconnectedness of all people and their environments. It promotes the message that all people are interconnected and that our future is dependent on recognising all people’s involvement in co-building a sustainable, fair and socially-just future.

Social workers play a vital role in society, especially in times of public health emergencies such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Throughout it all, social workers have worked side-by-side with people affected. They are driven by a deep commitment to social justice and human rights. Our social workers have been on the frontline of the pandemic response, connecting clients and their significant others with a wide range of supports and services to address the devastating impacts of COVID-19.

Our Social Work team also played a key role in the design and implementation of the Monash Health Virtual Visiting program to ensure that our patients and their loved ones remained as connected as possible when restrictions were in place.

Social workers at Monash Health have continued to provide patient-centred care and strong advocacy to ensure that our most vulnerable receive the care and support they need. Thank you to all of our social workers for the important work they do each and every day!


Approved by Stuart Cavill

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