Monash Health IT User Responsibilities – focus on copyrighted materials

We remind all employees of Monash Health’s legal obligations under the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth). The Copyright Act gives the owner of original literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works a range of legal rights and moral rights, whether in hard copy format or in electronic format.

This means any computer program, movie, TV or other video piece, book or brochure or document, picture, computer game, or music will attract the protection of copyright laws. Where an employee downloads, uploads, remakes, shares, converts a file to another format, copies, reproduces, or modifies a work, then Monash Health may be exposed to a claim that Monash Health breached the law, leading to litigation and the imposition of a fine.

Where you are connected to the internet, your IP address is traceable, and as such Monash Health will be able to identify you.

There are some limited exceptions which would allow a Monash Health employee to download, upload, remake, share, convert a file to a different format, copy, reproduce, or modify a work. These include for research or study, criticism or review, where undertaken by the Monash Health Library or Archives, where the employee is disabled and requires a special format, a computer program is copied for back up purposes, where Monash Health obtains a licence from the owner of the works (software licence), or where there is a statutory government licence (which covers works created by one government agency and used by second government agency). It is important you check with your manager prior to conducting any of those actions that are in breach of copyright laws.

The above is relevant when an employee accesses any works/materials using Monash Health facilities and equipment, including the use of the Monash Health server, WiFi or networks.

Recently, it has emerged that there has been prohibited network activity occurring onsite.

As a Monash Health employee, you must adhere to the Monash Health Information Technology (IT) User Responsibilities procedure. In particular:

  • You must refrain from distributing or installing software that breaches software licencing agreements.
  • You are not permitted to use the Monash Health network to download or distribute any materials in violation of the law, including copyright law. This includes software, music, games, images, movies, written materials or similar.
  • You are not permitted to use the Monash Health network to conduct commercial dealings which are not compliant with Monash Health policies.

If an employee breaches the IT User Responsibilities procedure, they may be subject to disciplinary action by Monash Health and/or legal action from the copyright owner(s).

If you mistakenly access prohibited materials, please inform the IT Helpdesk immediately.

If you need specific digital tools to perform your role, the Digital Health team can help you access approved software and ensure Monash Health policies are met.

Please make sure you are aware of your responsibilities and take time to refresh your understanding by reviewing and familiarising yourselves with the Monash Health Information Technology (IT) Users Responsibilities procedure which is located on PROMPT.

If you have further queries, please contact the IT Help Desk on 9594 7255.

Approved by Emilio Pozo, Executive Director Digital Health

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