Hear from our CALD Board Champion

“In 2013 I was living and working in Fiji, my one-year-old became very ill one night and had difficulty breathing. We took him to the local hospital. I found it difficult to navigate the system, a different culture, and a system I wasn’t used to. I was very anxious for my son, and although most of the clinicians spoke English some of the nursing staff didn’t and I think that increased my anxiety throughout the process.”

In 2019, we spoke with Board member and champion for the Cultural and Linguistic Diversity (CALD) subcommittee, Aurélia Balpe.

The video provides an insight into Aurélia’s personal experience navigating health care systems in different countries and the importance of providing a culturally safe environment.


At Monash Health, we are committed to removing all barriers that may prevent our consumers, employees, and community from being fully included in their healthcare. Throughout Harmony Week we encourage employees to celebrate and learn more by:

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