Monash Health team launches Drive-Through Dental Screening Clinic

Saturday 20 March was World Oral Health Day, and the theme for 2021-2023 is to be proud of your mouth. The Monash Health Dental Services Team wanted to do just that, allow people to be proud of their mouth and their smile.

The public dental health system is in high demand, and with COVID-19 impacting people’s ability to get to their check-ups, the team swung a unique service into gear.

The innovative problem-solving Dental Services Team had to think outside the box to deliver exceptional service to our communities in a timely and convenient way.

If you can have a drive-through screening clinic, why not a drive-through dental screening clinic? And that’s precisely what Ramini Shankumar, Director, Monash Health Dental Services and her dedicated team pulled together from ideation to implementation.

What better way to launch such an innovative initiative than to do it on World Oral Health Day? On Saturday, 20 March, Monash Health Dental Services launched its Drive-Thru Dental Screening service in an Australian first. The drive-through’s official opening was marked by a ceremonial cutting of the ribbon by Martin Keogh, Monash Health Chief Operating Officer and Ramini Shankumar, who spearheaded the initiative.

Our highly skilled and dedicated teams can now see over 300 patients and assess their oral health risks, all while seated in their cars! The patients received advice on maintaining their oral health while follow-up appointments at regular clinics were made for more serious cases.

Congratulations to the team on an incredible effort and achievement. Our communities will be smiling ear-to-ear and remain proud of their mouths.

You can share in the excitement of the day through the image gallery below.

Approved by Anjali Dhulia, Chief Medical Officer



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