New mandatory privacy training now on Latte

Put yourself in the shoes of a patient who has just answered a raft of questions about everything from their cultural background and family, through to their criminal and sexual history. Some of this information they wouldn’t even share with their closest friends, but they’ve just shared it with you.

How you protect their privacy is incredibly important.

A privacy breach means you are breaking the law and you could lose your job.

We are rolling out a new mandatory privacy e-learning module to help you better understand your legal responsibilities about access, disclosure and handing of personal information.

How we manage the privacy of our patients and our colleagues is an important element of the trust they place in us.

Protecting the privacy of others is a vital part of our roles, from an ethical and legal perspective.

We handle sensitive information for our employees and patients every day. It is disclosed to us in confidence and protected by law. It should be handled sensitively.

Chief Legal Officer, Peter Ryan, says breaches of privacy laws are generally not malicious. “People get ‘curious’ and access a file, or ‘distracted’ and leave private information in places where it can be seen by others.

“Unfortunately, these breaches can still result in strict legal penalties for us, and the individual involved. Breaches of patient confidentiality – even slight ones – may also result in disciplinary action, including potential termination of employment and compromise an APHRA registration.

“When we collect patient and employee data, we become responsible for holding it securely, and only using it for the reason that it was provided – the care of the patient or otherwise, as strictly permitted by law. We are required to keep strong audit measures in place to track who accesses information, and why.” Peter said.

“I would encourage everyone to do this short e-learning module and stay up to date with the latest.”

Even if you’ve done privacy training before, this is an important refresher.

The training will take 15 minutes.

Log onto Latte now and Privacy training will come up in your list of required learning.


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