Microsoft 365 – gamechanger for Monash Health

The Monash Health Executive Team and Board of Directors have approved a substantial strategic innovation for Monash Health to transition onto the Microsoft 365 (M365) platform. M365 is a cloud-based subscription suite encompassing the familiar Microsoft Office and other productivity applications, cloud services, device management, and security functions.

The move will support all Monash Health employees with the world-class collaboration and productivity platform featuring Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint in addition to email, OneDrive, SharePoint, messaging and project and task management tools as just a start. M365 will allow you to work wherever you need and stay connected to your team. It will cater to clinical and clinical support team needs, whether on-site or working remotely.

While the benefits from the M365 suite of tools are immediately apparent, the added security and infrastructure features will improve our current security status, particularly around email.

Executive Director of Digital Health, Emilio Pozo, is excited by the improvements to our daily working lives that the transition will bring. “M365 will change how you work with tools like Microsoft Teams, giving instant team collaboration and query solving, meaning fewer email discussion threads in our working day!

“In addition to the Microsoft Office suite of applications, additional functionality will include Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive replacing the G, P, R, T and H network drive and folders for file storing and sharing. Team review and version control are supported with OneDrive and SharePoint providing multiple users with the option to view, review, and update a single document meaning numerous versions of the same document sitting in emails or H drives will be a thing of the past.

“Microsoft Teams will link teammates and provide virtual care and support, collaboration and audio and video conferencing. It will also provide a stable and integrated replacement for Webex meetings and forums. Microsoft Planner is an intuitive application that will assist in task tracking and project management workflows.

Collectively these applications will connect our people to the tools they need and to each other in one cohesive platform, and that’s key to all of this, equipping our people to remain in touch, agile and productive in the modern workplace wherever they work,” said Emilio.

Multiple workgroups across Digital Health, Corporate and Operations have already piloted M365 with the Digital Health Team monitoring closely to ensure the platform could integrate within Monash Health and meet our employees’ wide-ranging needs. The successful pilot means we are ready for rollout to the broader organisation.

M365 will be rolled out progressively from April 2021 and continue into 2022 in a phased approach. Phase One will see the large-scale migration of close to 20,000 email inboxes from Microsoft Exchange 2013 onto the Microsoft Cloud. Microsoft Teams, introduced in Phase Two, will replace Webex while the Microsoft Office productivity suite including Word, Excel and PowerPoint will come online for Phase Three. The final and fourth phase will see SharePoint and OneDrive join the fold alongside productivity tools.

Multi-Factor Authentication (or Two-Factor Authentication) will be a part of the M365 security features to safeguard Monash Health’s assets and organisational information when working outside the network or logging on from a non-Monash Health device.

“The move to M365 is a gamechanger, and we want you to be informed and comfortable every step of the way. We look forward to sharing more at future organisational forums and supporting you with updates. A project website with further details and frequently asked questions is currently in development and will be available soon, so stay tuned,” said Emilio.

Approved by Emilio Pozo, Executive Director – Digital Health

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