Changes to restrictions on sharing food

In line with further easing of restrictions that recently came into effect across Victoria, Monash Health has made some changes to our no shared food rule introduced in March 2020. It is still important to remember that Monash Health remains a higher-risk setting than home or other locations.

Individually wrapped snacks like chocolates and lollies can now be shared in non-clinical areas of Monash Health.

It is critical when sharing food you ensure areas nearby are wiped and sanitised and hand hygiene principles are adhered too. If any food is opened and uneaten, ensure you dispose of it and if you have been unwell, you should not be involved in any food sharing.

These are all essential steps in helping prevent the spread of all infectious diseases, not just COVID-19.

No food sharing rules remain in place for clinical areas across Monash Health due to the risk associated with sharing food in these areas. Further updates will be provided in the coming weeks.

If you need a reminder, here are some useful resources about working safely.


Approved by Prof Rhonda Stuart

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