Have you completed your targeted training?

Training is a critical part of delivering safe and effective care to our community. With Accreditation approaching, it is important you complete your targeted and mandatory training as soon as possible.

Completing your targeted training is now easier than ever. Simply, log in to Latte, and the targeted training courses (as well as the mandatory courses) you are required to complete will be automatically assigned to you and featured under “My Required Learning” on the Latte homepage.

Mandatory v targeted training – what’s the difference?

All Monash Health employees are required to complete their mandatory training, such as iBelong and fire training, regardless of role. Targeted training is specific to your role, and you must complete the courses that have been allocated to you.

How long will the training take to complete?

Overall, and for most employees, the training takes less than 90 minutes per year. Many of the course modules are short and can be completed in bursts (you can pause and return to your training if required).

Don’t forget that Latte can be accessed on-site or remotely via your laptop/computer, tablet or mobile device.

What if I haven’t been assigned the correct training?

If you believe you haven’t been assigned the correct training, please speak to your line manager.

When do I need to complete my training?

Successfully completing your training is a critical part of delivering safe and effective care to our community. With Accreditation less than two months away, you are encouraged to work through the courses assigned to you as soon as possible.


As training develops, additional programs will be added to Latte, and these may be assigned to you, so please make it a habit to check in regularly for any additional requirements. Latte will also send you notifications via email as a reminder when there is something new or when you are due to redo a course.


Approved by Katrina Nankervis, Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officer and Executive Director Residential and Support Services

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