Re-invigorating Smoke-free at Monash HealthE

Join the Employee Wellbeing Forum next Thursday to hear about Monash Health’s initiatives to better support our employees and patients to be smoke-free.

Evidence shows that eight in ten smokers in Victoria say they want to quit smoking and a comprehensive approach to quitting is the most effective way to quit for good.

For many smokers, a brief intervention by their health professional combined with pharmacotherapy and behavioural intervention will aid them towards the best chance of quitting and changing their smoking behaviour.

Start the Conversation is an initiative led by Alfred Health that challenges health professionals to raise the topic of smoking with their patients. Watch a video from Start the Conversation to hear from patients and clinicians as they share their experiences about the life-changing conversations that have resulted in people quitting smoking.

There are several initiatives Monash Health are implementing to reduce smoking on site and to provide a supportive, caring model of care for those who smoke.

The Corporate Smoke-free Committee has developed a Smoke-free Action Plan that has three key objectives including:

  • Create and embed a smoke-free environment
  • Reduce employee smoking rates
  • Support patients to cease smoking

To implement this Smoke-free Action Plan, Customer Security Officers have been appointed at Monash Medical Centre, Dandenong, Casey, Moorabbin and Kingston campuses to manage the application of our smoke-free policy.

New signage has been designed and will be displayed at Monash Health campuses in the next couple of months.

We are also in the process of trialling an innovative children’s voices project, where children’s audio health promotion messages will be played through a speaker system to deter smoking on site.

Join next week’s employee wellbeing forum on Thursday 22 July, where we will have three panellist guest speakers from Monash Health and Quit Victoria. These speakers will be sharing their insights, personal experiences and knowledge about smoking cessation and support with us.

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