EMR Update: Changes to “ED Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)” order set

In response to increased community transmission of COVID-19 and the need for testing of all admissions, the following updates have been made to the ED Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) order set. 

  1. Indications for Respiratory Pathogens PCR order (including RAPID):
  • Non-COVID (Asymptomatic Screening)” option has been added
  • “SCOVID High Risk” replaces “SCOVID Probable” option

  1. Isolation order has been removed from the order set
  2. Selecting either “SCOVID Low Risk” or “SCOVID High Risk” for the PCR indication will automatically place:
  • a SCOVID alert on the EMR patient chart
  • an Isolation order (blue / yellow as per guideline)
  1. Selecting “Non-COVID (Asymptomatic Screening)” as the PCR indication will NOT add either the alert or the isolation order

Please refer to the ‘Placing the COVID-19 Orderset QRG’ for more information.



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