Scrubs in COVID wards, EDs and ICUs

To ensure your comfort at work, we have introduced a new laundering process and increased scrub allocations for employees working in COVID wards, EDs and ICUs.  

Personal laundry wash bags

We are now providing soluble-seam wash bags and detergent to those working in COVID wards, EDs and ICUs. These bags will allow you to transport and wash your worn scrubs or uniform.

Employees will have the option of changing out of their scrubs or uniform at the end of their shift and transporting their used scrubs or uniform home in the wash bag. The wash bag can be placed in the washing machine with a normal load and be recycled after use.

Additional allocation of scrubs

We understand that employees may require more scrubs when working in higher levels of PPE. To support this, we are now increasing the allocation of scrubs for eligible employees.

We will initially be introducing the increased allocation to areas such as COVID wards, EDs and ICUs. To access the additional allocation, eligible employees should consult their manager.


Approved by A/Prof Katrina Nankervis

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