Rapid antigen testing for symptomatic employees at Wright Street, Clayton

With the continuing growth in new infections in our community, increased access to COVID-19 testing for Monash Health employees has been arranged. COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs) are available for symptomatic employees. We spoke to one of our employees about their experience at the test collection point for a first-hand account.

Where are they available?

A Rapid Antigen Test is available at 20 Wright Street, Clayton, opposite E Block of Monash Medical Centre. We ask that you please park at Browns Road South Car Park to avoid disruption to street parking and traffic congestion.

When are they available?

This service is available from 9:30am to 5:00pm, seven days a week.

What do I need to bring?

Please bring your Employee ID with you.

To protect others, please wear a surgical mask at all times when walking between your car and the test collection point.

Where do I complete the test?

Once you have collected the RAT, the test must be used as soon as possible and conducted in your car.

Who can collect a RAT? 

Due to stock limits, we are only able to provide tests to symptomatic employees, not asymptomatic employees or household/family members. This is a temporary testing arrangement and will be reviewed once further test supplies are available.

Employee experience – what to expect

We spoke to one of our employees about their experience at the test collection point. This is what they had to share:

Waking up with symptoms

With the rise in cases in the community and within my own family and friendship circles, I have been cautious across the start of 2022. Over the weekend I woke in the morning with covid symptoms including a cough, temperature and headache.

Locating a RAT

My first stop was to text close by family and friends to see if any had RAT’s they could spare. Of course, these are hard to come by at the moment and understandably those who have few are conscious to give them away too readily! As I was symptomatic, searching at pharmacies wasn’t an option, so I decided to make the journey to the test collection site for symptomatic employees at Monash Health Clayton.

Arriving at Browns Road South Car Park

As I drove to Clayton with my surgical mask I mentally prepared for a long wait and was pleasantly surprised to drive down Wright St to see the clearly marked collection point, with very few people. From here I drove to the Brown Road South Car Park for parking, a short walk from Wright St.

Arriving at the Wright St test collection site

When I approached Wright St, I was greeted by one of the marshals to check in via the QR code and asked to line up ahead of the collection window. With my employee ID ready, I was at the front of the line within a few minutes – fantastic! The team entered my details, talked me through the process and gave me the RAT kit with detailed instructions. This was to be completed in my car within the next hour and included details on how to report my results online, if positive.

Completing the RAT test

I have had two PCR tests over the course of the pandemic, but this was my first Rapid Antigen Test (RAT).

The kit given to me included a swab, test tube, test device and instructions.

Returning to my car I opened the pack and with a tilted back head, completed a swab in each nostril of 5 rotations each. Doing the swab yourself isn’t the most comfortable experience, but of course necessary – you need to go approximately 2cm deep.

Then removing the top blue cap from the test tube, I inserted the swab and swirled 5 times in the solution at the bottom, in each direction. Before adding the blue cap back on, I snapped the plastic end of the swab so the bottom half would sit securely inside.

After getting the testing device flat and ready, I removed the bottom cap from the test tube, creating a dropper. Then tapped 5 drops as directed into the marked testing spot – returning the cap securely when complete.

After waiting 20 mins for the results, I was pleased to see a negative reading! (Red line next to the ‘C’ only).

With a negative result in tow, I headed home to isolate until my symptoms subsided. The team on site instructed me to continue isolating the following day if symptoms persisted and return for another RAT.

Thank you to the team at Wright St for making this such an easy process!

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