The halls are alive with the sound of music

If you hear soothing piano chords echo through the corridors of Monash Medical Centre, chances are Carena Khoo is playing.

Carena is a Registered Music Therapist with a Masters of Music Therapy. She’s also an accomplished pianist and vocalist, and she’s livening our halls by performing at the grand piano in the foyer outside Lecture Theatre 1.

“It has been a fabulous opportunity to play the grand piano each week to promote staff wellbeing as part of the ‘Be Well Be Safe’ initiative.”

These sessions are an opportunity to create a calming space for employees to take a moment, and to enhance the auditory environment of our workplace to support employees during COVID-19.

Listening to music helps strengthen connections and brings people together in a shared listening experience.

“Part of my role as a music therapist is to prompt individuals to engage in music to support their wellbeing,” says Carena.

Lee, a patient, enjoys listening to Carena play. “The music moved me. It’s beautiful—brings out emotions that bring people together. It made my day!”

Carena has received positive responses from patients and employees alike.

“Music has a unique ability to connect people without the need for words. It can be the reprieve we need after a stressful day at work. It can transport people to another time and place.”

“As we emerge from a couple of very difficult years, it is important we harness whatever makes us feel good.”

You can hear Carena play in the video below. For details about upcoming sessions, keep an eye on our upcoming events.

This initiative is supported by the Victorian Government’s Department of Health Be Well Be Safe Program, providing increased health and wellbeing support for healthcare workers during COVID-19. For further details and to stay informed about the latest initiatives, visit the Be Well Be Safe Program webpage

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