Monash Health connects at the Special Olympics

Special Olympics Victoria held its state games in Cranbourne over the weekend, hosting an array of sporting events for people with intellectual disabilities. The Special Olympics aims to ensure that people with a disability are not shut out of sporting opportunities, and are given the chance to uncover hidden talents and realise their potential.

As part of our Equity and Inclusion strategy, Monash Health attended the Special Olympics to connect people with an intellectual disability and their families to our services. Such community engagement also aligns with our Disability Action Plan’s vision of eliminating barriers that prevent people from accessing and participating in our services.

Through a Disability Liaison Officer (DLO), people with a disability can receive the support they need to access the healthcare they require. Monash Health is committed to providing DLO support, and the Special Olympics was a great chance to promote these services. The event also offered an opportunity to encourage athletes to stay well by getting vaccinated against COVID-19 and flu.

People with an intellectual disability experience significant health inequities, and face a reduced life expectancy of 27 years younger than the general population. Our presence at events like these is important to ensure we are promoting preventative health measures and health access through our DLOs. Staying connected to the right healthcare services can assist a person with a disability in achieving better health outcomes.

Photo left to right: Katie Costello (Senior Advisor Community Engagement – South East Public Health Unit) Michelle Templeton (Disability Liaison Officer) Reece Adams (Head of the Centre for Developmental Disability Health)


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