Mental Health Training Program optional for all employees

All employees have access to the Mental Health and Wellbeing Training Program on Latte. The program aims to provide practical ways to increase workplace resilience and empower you to look after your own mental health and the mental health of your colleagues.  

This training is optional, self-paced, and you can revisit the materials at any time. 

Each of the modules addresses a key focus area of mental health and wellbeing and consists of an eLearning package, a podcast and supporting resources.  

Accessing the program  

To access the Mental Health and Wellbeing Training Program log in to Latte and search ‘mental health and wellbeing’ under the ‘Find Learning’ tab.   

There are two programs available, Mental Health and Wellbeing – Managers and Mental Health and Wellbeing – Employees. 

Program background  

The two Monash Health online mental health training programs were created in collaboration with the Black Dog Institute. These training packages are optional, open to all employees and can be completed as many times as you see fit.  

Each of the modules addresses key focus areas of mental health and wellbeing, including prevalence, signs, and symptoms, looking after your team, and self-care and wellbeing. Please take advantage of these resources and encourage your colleagues to access this training too.  

To learn more about external resources and services available to provide targeted support for employees, volunteers and their families, visit the health and wellbeing webpages. 


Approved by Karen Lowe. 

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