Understanding the important role of our consumer advisors

During Accreditation week, assessors may ask you about our consumer advisors and how they help us improve our care and service delivery. We understand that the delivery of effective, timely and quality healthcare is only possible by working together with patients and their families.  

At an individual level, that means listening to patients and families when we are caring for them and involving them in making decisions about their care.  

At the organisational level, it means involving consumers in the design, planning and evaluation of our services, in committees, working groups and project teams, and providing opportunities for them to give advice and feedback on how we do things.  

In this way, consumer participation at Monash Health is embedded at all levels of the organisation. If you were asked by the assessors, could you describe some of the projects our consumer advisors are engaged in? Some examples include: 

  • Consumers advisors were engaged in,
  • the design of the new Monash Medical Centre Emergency Department.
  • the design of information provided to patients when they are discharged.
  • reviewing the discharge process to ensure it is efficient and patient centred.
  • the implementation of ward communication boards.
  • Consumer advisors provide feedback on every patient information brochure on PROMPT.
  • Consumer advisors are members of committees across the organisation. 

Our consumer advisors are integral to helping us improve our patient care and patient experience outcomes. It is important that you are aware of the responsibilities of our consumer advisors and the role that they have in improving our delivery of safe patient care. 

To learn more about the responsibilities of our consumer advisors visit the partnering with consumers webpage and the consumer participation intranet pages for resources about how we partner with our consumers, carers and community members.

You can also check out the Patient Experience Week consumer participation poster competition entries, another example of consumer participation at Monash Health.


Approved by Dr Anjali Dhulia. 

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