Progress on our new retail options

Work continues to progress on new food and beverage outlets at Monash Medical Centre (MMC) and Dandenong Hospital.  

In the former gift shop at MMC, work has begun on a new location for Zuppa which is anticipated to open at the beginning of November. The plans for this space include access to the outside terrace for employees to enjoy their breaks and an expansion of the menu, with soup and hot foods available. 

Once the new Zuppa outlet is open, work will commence on the main café, which will also sell convenience and gift items when it opens in early 2023. 

Gigil in Monash Children’s Hospital and Nesso in the Translational Research Facility will continue to operate as usual.   

At Dandenong Hospital, the convenience store near the main foyer will temporarily close for renovations in November. Once the convenience store reopens in early December, the main café will close for renovations and re-open in early 2023. 

Careful planning will continue to ensure there are food and beverage options available at MMC and Dandenong Hospital during these works. We appreciate your patience during the downtime and look forward to the exciting options opening soon. 

Approved by Lisa Evans, Executive Director, Office of the Chief Executive 

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