EMR planned downtime in preparation for the Victorian Heart Hospital

There will be a planned Electronic Medical Record (EMR) outage on Tuesday 27 September 2022. The planned EMR outage will introduce new functionality in preparation for the Victorian Heart Hospital (VHH).

What is happening?

  • From Tuesday 27 September at 10:00pm to Wednesday 28 September at approximately 7.00am (9 hours), there will be a planned outage where EMR will NOT be available. A specific planned Code Yellow will be called at all sites prior to commencement All clinical areas at all sites are to enact EMR Downtime procedures during the outage.
  • Messages to/from downstream systems, for example radiology and pathology, will be reflected in the EMR after the downtime.
  • The Code Yellow will be stood down when downtime is complete.

What do I need to do?

  • All areas should ensure the Downtime Viewer (DTV) checks are completed the day prior, on Monday 26 September and the day of the outage, Tuesday 27 September.
  • Refer to the Business Continuity Plan (BCP) for EMR on PROMPT
  • All clinicians must familiarise themselves with the Action Cards in the Downtime box.

Follow the Business Continuity Plan (BCP) for EMR on PROMPT which details:

  • For urgent pathology and radiology orders – use downtime paperwork and send to the departments.
  • For urgent medication administration – document administration on the printed MAR from the Downtime Viewer (DTV).
  • For urgent ordering of new medication – prescribe the medication on the National Inpatient Medication Chart available in your downtime box.
  • For urgent pathology or diagnostic imaging results – please call the department directly. Results will need to be reviewed in the Medipath and Monash Imaging desktop applications.
  • For replacement wristbands – obtain correct colour, blank wristband from wristband printing machine and stick Bradma label to it.
  • For alerts and allergies – refer to Downtime Viewer (DTV).
  • For diet codes – ensure all diet codes have been entered into the EMR prior to 10:00pm. Any diet code changes during the downtime should be phoned to the menu monitor office after 6:00am.

Key Changes:

  • All clinical staff: When reviewing the Patient Information menu in the Patient Record, the ‘Patient Demographic’ tab will now appear titled as ‘Patient Contacts’.
  • Scheduling: Two new pop-up windows appear when you are booking appointments for Pre-Admission Clinics (PAC).
  • Perioperative Documentation for nursing and clerical: At the point of Check In Patient for PAC, a new ‘Available Conversation’ window is displayed.
  • Medical: Adding additional recipients (internal and external to Monash Health) for the Discharge Summary needs to be entered at the time of signing/submitting the final Discharge Summary and will no longer appear in the Doctor View Discharge component.

For more detailed information on what key changes you can expect in the EMR post-Downtime, refer to the full EMR Tech Go-Live Planned Downtime Bulletin.

For further details regarding EMR resources, including the QRGs and workflow posters, please refer to the emrmonashhealth.org webpage. For technical issues and troubleshooting, log a ticket on Central or call the EMR Help Desk 9594-7255, and select option 2 when prompted.

Approved by: Sara Bennett and Andrea Rindt

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