Annual Report Spotlight – Viewing Hunter from afar keeps everyone close

We provide experiences that exceed expectations – Viewing Hunter from afar keeps everyone close 

Every night, a nurse holds a phone over Hunter McGill’s cot so that his parents and siblings can sing “You are My Sunshine” while watching him react via the NICVIEW stream.  

NICVIEW is a camera device positioned over a baby’s incubator or cot that allows families to watch their baby in real time, and others to “meet” the new addition without having to contend with visitor restrictions. The cameras were installed this year at every bedside at Monash Newborn, a 64-bed neonatal unit that cares for critically unwell babies. Babies sometimes stay in the nursery for months, which is incredibly challenging for families.  

Hunter, who was born prematurely in June with the heart defect ASVD, spent his first eight weeks there in preparation for open heart surgery. “Having the camera there makes the ache of being apart hurt a little bit less,” said Hunter’s mother Sarah. “I want to be with Hunter all the time, but I have Harlow (Hunter’s twin) and his two older siblings to look after as well. Even though we visit every day, it’s only for a few hours, so the camera is the biggest blessing.  It makes all the difference, and we’re just so grateful.”

Director of Clinical Operations Dr Jacquie Taylor said the cameras have been an important addition to the ward. “Families can now log in and see their baby and continue the important bonding and attachment even when they are not here in person, which is so important,” Dr Taylor said.  

Thanks to the generosity of our community and the Chain Reaction Challenge Foundation, the Monash Health Foundation was able to raise the $330,000 required to purchase the cameras. 

The full Monash Health 2021-22 Annual Report can be found here   


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