How we can celebrate this festive season

The festive season is fast approaching! While we embrace the spirit of celebration and community during the holiday period, there are a few precautions we can take to keep us all safe. 


  • Employee End of Year parties are allowed this year! Please remember that the Monash Health Code of Conduct still applies, as well as our social media policy. You can find these documents on PROMPT. 


  • Festive decorations are allowed on wards and in offices.  
  • Observe occupational health and safety guidelines while you’re hanging decorations (e.g. Make sure decorations are an appropriate height so that they don’t obstruct movement around the ward or constitute a tripping hazard.) 
  • Be careful of fire hazards like faulty lights and other electronic decorations. 


  • Teams can share food in line with infection prevention guidelines (e.g. No shared bowls of chips or lollies.) 

We also note that not all of us celebrate Christmas, and that the festive season can be difficult for many people. We remind everyone of the importance of cultural sensitivity and inclusion, especially during this time. 

Approved by Martin Keogh

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